How do ABRAFOL non-slip, all-plastic packaging bags make work easier?

If two ABRAFOL bags are laid on each other due to their special outer surface so strong binding force arise which hinders slipping on each other. A tower made from ABROFOL bags on a pallet stays stable even if they are subjected to heavy vibration such as caused by transportation in a vehicle. Even the pallet tilted with 30 degrees is able to stay in one piece without any stretch or shrink covering.

The anti slip behaviour of the ABRAFOL bags is absolutely different from any anti-slipping solutions known so far. It does not require any extra equipment or adhesives. It works perfectly even if the plastic surfaces are wet or overlaid with white frost. As there is no adhesive between the bags, they are easy to get down at right angles from each other so they can be re-stacked manually. The ABRAFOL system is internationally patented.

How can You win by use of ABRAFOL bags?

Extremely enhanced pallet stability, even without any stretch or shrink. This is especially true for the usual brick-pattern palletising. You will not believe until You see it. Watch our video!

Waterproof: Not necessary to store goods sheltered.

Perfect stability in case of wet, dusty or hoary bags. If bags are being filled in dusty or wet environment, or because of the cold temperature white-frost is overlaying them, you do not have to worry about slipping..

No need for any stretch- or shrink covering. In this way the costs of purchasing, applying, unpacking and finally handling/storage are significantly decreased. Less packaging material means less garbage disposal fee and less environmental fee.

60 % less weight for paying environmental fees after. An ABRAFOL bag for 20 kg goods weighs 80 g while an equivalent paper bag weighs about 160 to 230 gramms. This results 60 % less volume of moving and storage of packaging material at the packaging plant and at the user’s side as well, where the packaging material turns into waste. For instance 120.000 pieces of ABRAFOL bags fit into a truck while this number is only 60.000 in case of the same capacity of paper bags.

The used ABRAFOL bags can be sold for recycling and reusing while You have to pay for removal of the multi-wall paper bags. The poly-lined paper bags have a complex character while ABRAFOL bags are considered to be homogeneous plastic which, may results decreased environmental fees.

The use of ABRAFOL bags means less pressure on the environment. The recycling of ABRAFOL bags waste is solved. Because of the homogeneity and the small weight of the bags the recycling process doesn’t need too much energy, so the environmental burden is smaller. “Re-granules” are the final product of recycling and are the raw material of film production. The used multi-wall paper bags are usually burned, which is the most polluting waste treatment.
ABRAFOL bags can be closed by sealing or sewing. If technology needs You can close the bags with sewing. But we also offer hot sealing. By this way You can save the cost of some meters of yarn per bag, and the rest of the sewing thread will not contaminate the packed goods.

The following illustrations are demonstrating the differences between the required packaging material per unit in case of ABRAFOL bags, paper bags and paper boxes regarding their price, weight, space to need for storage, and the weight of the waste.

This sounds really good but how much does it cost?

Before we are coming to the price let’s think it over!

How much money do you save with NOT using stretch or shrink covering for fixing the cargo?? 

How much transport and storage cost do You save because Your packaging material’s volume and weight is 60% less than a paper bag’s?

How much money do You save by
not paying for the disposal of the used bags,
but selling the waste of ABRAFOL bags to produce re-granules from them?

You would still benefit, if the bags would be 10 % cheaper then paper or composite bags with the same capacity, wouldn’t you?

The price of the ABRAFOL bags is usually not more than the paper bags’ with the same capacity.

Do You think You could benefit by using ABRAFOL bags?

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6. According to the schedule defined in the contract, we will deliver the ordered amount of the ABRAFOL product on time.

Whom do we offer the ABRAFOL bags to?

Originally, ABRAFOL bags were developed for the food industry and for cold stores. But as its reputation spread, more and more industries were enquired about ABRAFOL bags. During the development we didn’t realize that advantages of ABRAFOL bags can cut costs in several fields of industry and agriculture.

Hereinafter we show you some fields of use where ABRAFOL bags have already proved

Food industry

  • additives, spices,, brad-crumbs
  • loose semi-finished products
  • frozen fruits and vegetables
  • salt


  • seeds
  • compound feeding-stuffs
  • crop

Building industry

  • quartz sand
  • cement mix adhesives

Chemical industry

  • granules

The latest development of Abrafol developers

Each ABRAFOL bag can have a transparent envelope attached to its bottom for carrying a (removable) product label.

Technical data of an ordinary ABRAFOL bag


98% polyethylene
2% polypropylene

side gusseted, open mouth

on demand (typical: 340+2x70x900x0,01 mm)

Temp range:
for room temperature and for deep frozen conditions

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