Slipping free Abrafol bags in the manufacturing of pellets

There has been much attention payed on the usability of the Abrafol bags for as wide industrial usage as possible. Various industrial areas exist in the area of pellet manufacturing and in the field of constantly growing packaging industry in both the Hungarian and among the Western-European customers.

Why is it useful to use Abrafol bags during the manufacturing of pellets?

It is widely known that during the manufacturing of pellets, the already slippery PE bags can only fulfill their work with the usage of extra technologies such as (stretch foils, panting) due to the smooth powder produced at manufacturing. According to manufacturing experiences, the costs are going along with a lot of compromise. Due to its own helplessness of the string, the considerably flexible stretch foil is prone to stretch which makes it difficult to optimally use the load space. The strapping usually looses up because the pellets get compressed during the transportation of the load. This, again, results is deformed and teared string, which friction on one another due to transportation and causes the tearing and rubbing out of the bags. This can lead to complaints and visible losses which can be about 1.5-2% according to our calculations. Have you ever calculated, how much stretch foil do you use per bag? If you pack by hand, this can cost up to 8Ft/bag, if you use a machine, this cost about 2 Euro Cent/bag . Quite a lot, right? Reconsider it! And the unit loads still look very disappointing. These problems can 100%-ly be excluded with the usage of Abrafol bags in a way that we can exclude the previous technologies during the packaging, transportation and storage of the load. Please view or short film which introduces the usage of Abrafol bags at real industrial environment from the string formation to the transportation! You can see on the film that the string remains 100%-ly stable even with the dropping of the stretching phase.



How do the Abrafol bags work?

The Abrafol bags operation follows an easy principle: Let's pack into a bag which is capable of stopping the slipping apart of on one another. The pallets loaded in such a way remain stable throughout the transportation even without shrink caps or shrink bags. The slipping freeness of the Abrafol bags is provided by those little bumps with which the outer side of the material is rugged. Apart from it, on side of the bags, a thin not plated textile (vlies) stripe is laminated. If we lay down an Abrafol bag on its laminated side on its other, rugged side, there will be a so strong connection which will make the whole system very stable. This tie remains very strong even if the bags get a very strong shock or a 30 degree tilt which occurs during the transportation with wheel-barrow or with a truck. Since there is no glue, we can easily unload them vertically. This way, the bags are cross loadable again. The system works under extreme conditions too, the surface of the foil bag can even be dusty.

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