Advantages of using ABRAFOL bags in cold storage logistic systems

Did You know?

That the recycling of the paper waste need tons of chemicals, which are extremly dangerous to our planet’s flora und fauna?

That enormous machines demand lots of thermoenergy and electricity, therefore they have extremly destructive impact on the envirorment and considerable contributing to the greenhouse effect?

That the paper-mills produces unbelievable amount of sewage and it requires heavy duty sewage works to clean the water. Establishing such plants have many subsidiary environment devastating influence?


                                Paper mill                                               Film extruder

The usage of ABRAFOL bags has less environment load, because

· Recycling the homogeneous low weight ABRAFOL bags does not require a lot of energy and the produced regranule is one of the raw material of film production.
· Polythylene film manufacturing does not need tremendous facilities.
· During the recycling process doesn’t arise sewage.
· The nascent gases can be simply filtered out with an activated carbon cartridge.
· A „Life cycle analisys” published in the german professional journal „K-Zeitung” on January 22, 2009 proves that the polyethylene polyethylene bags are more environmental friendly than the paper bags used for the same material’s packaging. Have you already met some of the following problems?
· The paperboxes need a lot of space int he storehouse.
· You have to order and call of a big amount of paper boxes to keep the prices on affordable level.
· In humid conditions cartons became soft and paperboxes lose their strength, even they can be collapsed. Cubic content of the wrappers waiting for utilization: Packaging material from paperboxes and from ABRAFOL bag

What can You do?

If you used ABRAFOL bags instead of paper boxes you would need only one pallet space to store them instead on 30 pallet space.

The raw material of the ABRAFOL bags is polyethylene, therefore they are water proof. The substance composition of the bags is developed for tenure under cold storage circumstances, so they can be stored in wet, humid, frosty conditions without experiencing quality decrease.

Have you also have problems to with the never enough storage space in your warehouses, haven’t you? Are the transportation costs high?

Good as it is planned the working of the logistic centres and warehouses the continually increase of the market demand and the numbers of goods on the market present a constant challenge them.

Tha volatility of transported quantity makes a constant chellenge for logistic centres the bigger volume needs bigger store capacity.

This could be especially true for the cold stores, because the capacity of these houses cannot be enlarged easily.

To fully load the trucks with cargo is a basic expectation in the logistic systems, which is always a tricky problem to solve for the responsibles.

The ABRAFOL bags offers a tangible solution.

Test was made with deed frozen green peas, 1000g/consumer package. A palletload vegetable was packed into ABRAFOL.vs paper box.. The height of the pallet with ABRAFOL bags (with same manner of green pea) is 80% of the paperbox pallets height of the pallet with paperboxes.

· You can save up to 20% from your storage capacity to be in use at the moment and can use the free space for additional storage.
· You can decrease the charges if you rent warehouse space.
· You can save up to 20% at the delivery costs.

You do have some questions to ask, don’t You?

· The boxes can be put easily together.How is it possible to build up such compact pallets from bags?
· During the transport or if the goods were left a little longer in thaw condition, the expelled white frost on theouter sides of boxes could fuse, flooding the boxes. So the 2-3 rows in the bottom could succumb. Wheter bags can still hold on under such a weight?

There is a solution for this too

· The ABRAFOL bags can be made for any wanted size, so miscellaneous sized deep frozen goods can be integrated in compact units. Hereby they could band together extremly well.
· The goods should carry their own weights, it is a basic aspect by establishing units, so the packaging can be more stable and cheaper. The frozen goods are excellent for these tasks, therefore they can be packaged in bags. Moreover the ABRAFOL bags are waterproof so they aren’t soaked.

Did customers complaining about the opening of the paperboxes meant you problems?

· Wholesalers employees push the blades trough the tapes, accidentaly damaging the goods inside. Why? Because they can cut the tape only with some pressure and they cannot see inside the boxes and.cannot see the causalities. The wholesalers devolve these damages to the suppliers.

With ABRAFOL bags these cannot occur, because

· ABRAFOL bags can be opened at any side, they can be split on top, at the wrinkles, and can be cut from every angle and direction. With the rigth folding at the mouth the bag can be welded that the knife edge can only look outwards, so the packed product is always remains safe in the process of opening. In addition, the ABRAFOL bag may be transparent, which makes the operation more secure, since the worker can see what to cut.

How is it all possible?

Usually the palletloads formed from polyethylen bags filled with frozen goods generally slips apart, even before it can be wrapped up with stretch film.

The revolutionary new solution for this problem is a packaging material named ABRAFOL.

If two ABRAFOL bags are laid on each other due to their special outer surface so strong binding force arise which hinders slipping on each other. A tower made from ABROFOL bags on a pallet stays stable even if they are subjected to heavy vibration such as caused by transportation in a vehicle. Even the pallet tilted with 30 degrees is able to stay in one piece without any stretch or shrink covering.

The non-skid behaviour of the ABRAFOL bags is absolutely different from any anti-slipping solutions known so far. It does not require any extra equipment or adhesives. It works perfectly even if the plastic surfaces are wet or overlaid with white frost. As there is no adhesive between the bags, they are easy to get down at right angles from each other so they can be re-stacked manually.

The ABRAFOL system is internationally protected.

But how much does it cost to use this new material? Is it worth to deal with it?

· How much does my paperboxes cost?
· How much does ABRAFOL bags cost with the same capacity?
· How much environmental fee wholesalers devoted to me should I pay for the packaging materials?

The following charts compare prices and product fees of average sized paperboxes and ABRAFOL bags used in cold storage.

Of course it is worth. In addition You can purchase ABRAFOL bags economical than paperboxes.

· You can obtain ABRAFOL bags 36% lower purchase price than paperboxes.
· Using ABRAFOL bags could mean 61% less environmental product fee.
· In goodd cases You can spare the costs of the strech film, which can be 0,75 cents / boxes.


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