Corporate introduction

Foltrade Ltd. Company is a small, family owned business of PE film processing. The company's headquarter is in Ecser just outside of Budapest by the M0 highway.

Our main activity is polythene film manufacturing and processing of packaging, covering films. From the perspective of the company's owner, there has always been large innovation oriented latitude within our company.
Our main area of expertise is manufacturing and developing slipping-free films which were born out of a direct solution from a problem. The Abrafol technology has born within the walls of the company which is now used and patented all around the world. The Abrafol technology also provides extreme protection for both for bulk and unit packaging, preventing loads from slipping apart. Our products are shipped all across Europe.

Our goal is the development of Abrafol technology and
expansion the markets and consumption of Abrafol bags within the industrial sector, supplying the demands of the constantly growing market.

Besides special Abrafol we also manufacture other conventional PE packaging products such as PE films in wide selection. We also manufacture bags, shrink film, shrink hoods, tube, half tube. We also welcome the manufacturing of custom or special needs with short term deadlines.



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